Who knew...

...that a nerf mod video could be so well done!

Easy Nerf Gun Hack - Watch the top videos of the week here


Nerf recommendation

For your nerf weaponry needs I recommend the Dart Tag system. I opted for the Maverick and the bought my interns the Dart Tag to share. Their firepower is superior.


Weekend trip

I'm out for the weekend. Follow me here:


Hillside Community Church in Amarillo, TX had a great idea. If you attend FUMC in Lufkin don't watch it (like I could stop you). If you are a member of FUMC and like the idea let me know. It's worth doing.


Why I still like David Byrne

Invest 10 mins in watching the clip.

David Byrne of Talking Heads fame.

For more on David Byrne Playing the Building