Stainless Steel Tumbler by Marky Products

I refuse to spend money on a Yeti cup. Too expensive! This tumbler does a great job of keeping things hot or cold for hours. I don't need something to remain cold for 12-24 hours. This is a 20oz cup not 30oz. 20oz is great for hot drinks too. Skip the status symbol of the big ticket cups and get one like this that functions well and is a reasonable price. The lid is plastic and fits tightly. I think that it could come open if dropped just right. If you have stronger requirements to protect your liquid, you might want to find a cup with a threaded lid.


CacheAlaska® Panel Hat

The CacheAlaska Panel Hat is a great cap. It easily adjust to the proper size and holds its size. The construction is excellent. The stitching is well done. The fabric of the hat is durable and breathable. The hat would be great for almost any activity where you want some sun protection. Comparable brands of hats are $5 - $10 more and most of those do not have a classic look like CacheAlaska. I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on reviews for just about everything I purchase. I tend to ignore the ones that just rave about a product without giving clear reasons. I pay close attention to critical reviews. Unhappy customers tend to a greater motivation to leave a review than happy customers. While they may be writing out of frustration because they had a bad experience, they will often point out valid concerns the positive reviewers will glaze over or ignore. With any review, I encourage you to read between the lines. If the review is generic and could be written for any product then ignore it. I find reviews valuable, so I strive to leave valuable reviews. If my review helped you in anyway, please take a second to click “Yes” this review helped me.


Yum Yum Fun Healthy Bars & Snacks Variety Box

The Yum Yum Fun Healthy Bars & Snacks Box is a huge hit at our house with my wife and our college student. Not only does the box have some of our favorites, there are new products that are new favorites. These snacks are perfect to grab on the go or to keep in a bag or a backpack. There would be no way to eat everything if we purchased whole boxes of each item. All products are quality, name brand items, that are delicious! #YUMYUMFUN

Live Infinity Double Outdoor Camping Hammocks

The market is filled with companies selling hammocks. The Live Infinity Double Camping Hammock performs as well as a few of my "name brand" hammocks that cost 3 to 4 times more. The hammock is well constructed. The two included carabiners are solid and the two ropes didn't have any stretch. The hammock is lightweight, strong, durable and good quality craftsmanship. It is not lightweight enough that I will be using this as my backpacking hammock. It's perfect for the back yard or camping! #liveinfinitely


Easy@Home Digital Thermometer

The Easy@Home digital thermometer arrived in a plastic case with an owner manual included. It is lightweight. The waterproof thermometer is super flexible and has a comfortable tip. The read time is good, it took about 15 seconds to read and alert me with an alarm beep to signal it is complete. The thermometer is easy to use. A large screen and and readable numbers. There is a set of colored LED lights (red, yellow and green) that allow a quick read of the temperature range. I think this is best suited for children and adults or as a rectal thermometer for infants.