A blog you should know...

Doyle is my wife's cousin.
He is a person I greatly admire.
He consistantly impresses me with his erudite commentary.
Read his thoughts on the the presidential race here.


I'm interviewed here...

Todd has slated a group of interviews. The first is posted here.
I hope you enjoy the combination of Todd and Dave. It's better than chicken and waffels.


Todd's Friday Movement

Todd's appeal for others to join in the "My Friday" Movement. Has caused me to ponder scatalogical humor for the past 36 hours. So warped by the concept was I, that this morning during my morning respite on my porcelin thone I wondered how to best report my Friday movement. My better angels prevailed and I shall spare you a report.

Instead, enjoy don't eat poop, a service of the Internation Food Saftey Network, sponsored by Kansas State University.


What I've learned this summer (about blogging)

1) Blogging is a great way to connect with folks while on trips and support the ministry happening while away.

2) Blogging from my phone is not ideal.

3) Blogging takes time and intentionality.

4) Blogging tools (hardware and software) do not change number 3.

5) Blogging will have to be a skill I develop.