Information please...

Our vehicle for centering folks for worship and giving the weekly and upcoming announcements. The front has bar to highlight interesting stuff. For example this week's message focuses on prayer.
The "chocolate bar" has prayer ministries of the church (prayer pagers, prayer chain, prayer shawls, prayer and journaling group).
The lead story is used to focus worshipers on the message they are going to hear. This could be some of the pastor's thoughts that were pretty cool but didn't make the message, musings of the staff or some human interest angle.The right side is a list of activities at the church that week. The goal is not so much remind people that they need to be at all the stuff, but instead let them see the activities and weekday life of the congregation.
The back side is our prayer list...I gotta say, I love the look!
The goal is to give those that walk into worship something relevant and interesting to make them want to read. Ultimately "the deal" (in house name of the publication) will replace spoken announcements, allow us to convey a focused message and inform our people of the great dynamic of the church.


Christmas Music

All of the stores have Christmas items out on display (including the Flying J Truck Stop at US 59 & SR 242). I spotted this gem while standing at the check out line. So rush out now to your closest truck stop to pick up Billy Idol's Happy Holidays. I regret not buying it already! What is your favorite Christmas album?


Pocket sized...

Micro-miniturization has been happening for years. I had Micro machines. Man, could that guy talk fast.

But in a world where, 16 years ago Hughes Research lab produced a focused ion beam approximately one three-millionth of an inch thick (it hurts to think), it's safe to say we're obscesed with small. Every food worth eating is available in "bite size". Heck, google pocket superheroes (polly pockets for the boys).

So tell me...
What is your most/least favorite "micro" thing?
What thing should/should not be miniturized?


Week 6

Thanks to:
LaDainian Tomlinson (SD-RB) 45.4 pts with198 Rush Yds, 4 Rush TDs
Matt Hasselbeck (Sea-QB) 25.8 pts with 362 Pass Yds, 2 Pass TDs
Braylon Edwards (Cle-WR) 24.7 pts with 67 Rec Yds, 3 Rec TDs


little known fact

From the random facts file:

I love fantasy football. I'm not a big fan of any sport (save Lufkin Panther football...so much more than a mere sport). I love a good contest.
To let you on the inside:My Team: Tres Gnobres
My Record: 5-1
My Roster:
M. Hasselbeck (Sea-QB), D. Garrard (Jac-QB), L. Tomlinson (SD-RB), R. Bush (NO-RB), A. Green (Hou-RB), E. Graham (TB-RB), B. Edwards (Cle-WR), R. White (Atl-WR), A. Johnson (Hou-WR), M. Harrison (Ind-WR), D. Northcutt (Jac-WR), O. Daniels (Hou-TE), M. Crosby (GB-PK),K. Brown (Hou-PK), Seattle (Sea-DST)
This is about as indulgent as I get with my time. Anyone else playing fantasty football? Should we float a bloggers league next year?



I have publicly stated to people that have not watched CBS' Kid Nation not to bother. I have lied and mislead. There is a reason to watch Kid Nation. The reasons name is Jared.

Jared is smart, quirky, insightful, goofy and random. He alone keeps me watching Kid Nation. I was going embed video of Jared but it is the 5 second outtake of Jared the is so amusing. Invest some time watching full length versions of Kid Nation online. This weeks episode deals with religion.


New to blogroll

I've slowly added those blogs I enjoy reading and exploring. I want to introduce you to two more:

Alumni Bible Study

Steve Killam helps to provide me with a good focusing thought daily. It's a great way to get a dose of inspiration. I apprecaite his "Go-Fight-Win-Amen" attitude!

Our church's blog site for worship. I think it's a pretty stinkin' cool idea. Staff is excited about it. People are pokin' around and checking it out. You should too.


New Lark News stories...

Love the mix of news and faux-news at larknews.com.

My favorite this month so far:

OCALA, Fla. — After 28 years of handing out the same prayer card, Jeanette and Richard Nusbaum, missionaries to Ghana, have finally updated their photo. "We overprinted," says Richard, recalling the day in 1979 when he mistakenly placed an order for 100,000 cards instead of 1,000. "Rather than waste the Lord’s money printing new ones, we decided to use them until they ran out." The cards officially ran out last Wednesday at a mid-week service in Kansas. The Nusbaums now hope their new photo, which shows them nearly three decades older, doesn’t shock and alienate long-time supporters. "Some people don’t even know that in the meantime, we had three children and seven grandchildren," he says.•