Clongi Compact Folding Umbrella

This is a good and well made umbrella. Unseasonable rains gave me the chance to almost immediately test it in strong wind and driving rain. The umbrella comes with a fabric sleeve to put umbrella in when not in use. The straight forward instructions are attached to the sleeve on a small card and can be easily. There is a fabric wrap that keep the umbrella closed when not in use. There is a push button on handle that opens and closes the umbrella. The action is super quick. It was a little shocking the first time I opened it. In order to completely close the umbrella, I needed to press firmly down on the top of the umbrella body.

Easy@Home Bluetooth Scale

The scale is a sleek looking high tech scale.. The scale is cleverly made and is highly functional with many features to make it so much more than just a scale. The Bluetooth features work well. The phone app for the scale is small, isn't intrusive of you privacy and it connects fast. If you have the app open when walking onto the scale, the app can take the reading from the scale, and prompts if you would like to save the reading. The app can supports multiple profiles for different users, and will track weight and BMI.



MLVOC Hammock Tree Straps

The MLVOC hammock straps are most comparable to Atlas straps in design. They are well made, durable and quality stitching. I am confident that they not fail like less expensive straps. The straps are well packaged. They are smaller (less width) than any strap I've seen. The webbing does not stretch. The loops are easy to to hook into. The length is 10 ft which is average for straps. The design is easy on tress and won't damage bark. The straps are rated for 2000 pounds which is 1000 pounds for each strap. This is the average for weight capacity for straps.This is a good alternative the the higher priced straps from larger names.


Hand Gripper Set by Shadibody

I ordered the hand gripper to improve hand strength.  This is a great set for this purpose. The set comes with a pair of wrist wraps that fit well.
They items are well packaged. The gripper set is good quality for the price. The gripper is easily adjustable, so the resistance can be increased or decreased. The ergonomic design is perfect for all ages and strengths.



VidaKai Loose Leaf Fruit/Tea Infuser Water Bottle

This is a great tea infuser.  While traveling in China we saw similar infusers on many occasions.  the infuse is unique in the fact that the infuser is in the bottom of the bottle.  Infusers that are attached to a lid stop giving an benefit as soon as you take the first suit.  The bottle is well made, easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher.



Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Leave disposable foam earplugs behind.  This is a fantastic set of earplugs!  My wife immediately attached the carry canister to her key chain.  She uses them often.  They are close at hand and easy to use.  They are comfortable and easy to put in and take out.  I highly recommend these.  My wife even more so!


Mosquito Repellent Patch Natural Lemon Eucalyptus

These are great and easy to use patches. We are constantly using 3 or 4 methods to keep mosquitos at bay. This patch is one of the best products that we have ordered. The natural oils work better than a high concentration of DEET. We keep these in our glove box so that anytime we are out we have them handy. Great product! #mosquitorepellenet


Football baby sleeping bag - 6-18 months

This is a cute and functional sleep sack for baby. Although the bottom fabric is printed with little blue soccer balls and trophies this in no way makes it just a sleeping bag for boys. The material is soft and thick without being bulky. It will be great for warmer months when breathable fabric is extra important.

The zipper allows you to easily check or change a diaper. Snaps on the shoulders make it easy to get a baby in and out. This loses it's appeal after a child learns to undo snaps. The snaps are metal and are well fitting. This is a great alternative to blankets. This would also slow down a child that was starting to climb.