I'm going to hell...

Okay, I'm not going to go to hell for laughing at this video. You won't either.

Thanks to Matthew Paul Turner for pointing it out after it had been point out to him.
Matthew is worth following on Twitter @jesusneedsnewpr

Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament

I've had the Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament MP3s for months and listened a couple of times. I've attempted to use them with my youth. What I've learned is that my youth still respond to the authoritative rich booming voice. I'd hope that this would be a connetion for kids to give them some new insight to the Word of God, shatter the God sounds like James Earl Jones sterotype. Instead I've passed the copy our Children's Director, who is using it successfully!

There is some great voice talent on the discs. The dramatization is excellent as well, waves lapping, fire crackling and a host of other sound enhancements. So where would I use this? If I were leading children's church or I had young children of my own. In those settings it would be a no-brain purchase.