Great at home work out!

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I love the TRX suspension training equipment at my gym. However, when I moved from Gold's Gym to L.A. Fitness, I lost the ability to freely use the TRX equipment.

 I've hoped for an equivalent to have at home.

 The Gonzo group has provided a great alternative! The set is solid and well made. The set easily fist easily into the equipment bag. The attached carabiner is easy to open and close.

I do wish that mounting hardware was included in the kit.

I am fortunate to have had a trainer work with me using suspension fitness bands. I know the routines and the proper form for the routines. If you have no experience with suspension fitness bands you will have to do some outside research.

It's dry!

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I dislike camping when it's wet (even more when it's also cold).  One on the main reasons is that everything becomes damp.  I haven't canoed/camped in many years.  The reason is its near impossible to keep all gear dry.  Not everything fits into a dry bag!
That's why I'm thankful to have this #COR dry bag backpack.  It's 40 liters!
Tents, food, clothing fit and stay dry!
It my favorite piece of gear the new year!