make a difference

I've commited my blog to participate in Blog Action Day. It's a great idea. I hope you'll join me.
On October 15th participating blogs will put up a post, video or podcast about poverty.
Each blog will be bringin thier own insight and take on the issue of poverty.
Join me!

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a rare video

This is a video by Todd Wright. This doesn't make it rare. In fact, Todd will video himself doing just about anything. The man has no shame.

What makes it rare is...it's all true.

But he was kind enough to compose a song about me so....


secret identity

I think Leeland is great. But doesn't he look familiar?

turns out i'm a busy guy

what's keeping me busy:





must read blog

365 daves has launched.
Posts will be daily.
The blog explains itself.

Check out 365 daves.


sad day for david bowie, david lee roth rejoices

I was searching in itunes.
In the search bar there is predictive text based on popularity that pops up to assist you.
Here's what popped up for david:
david archuleta
david cook
david bowie
david banner
david gray
david crowder band
david allen coe
david guetta
david lee roth

Really itunes? I can thing of so many more deserving Davids:
david byrne
david crosby
david gilmour
david grisman
david (dah-veed) garza
david wilcox

even john david webster!

I know there are others, there have to be others!
itunes I'm going to let you slide this time.
I know that it's not you that prefers David Archuleta to David Bowie, David Lee Roth to almost any other David.
But know this;
I'll be watching what you do with your Genius playlists.

you get what you pay for...

I say that.
You get what you pay for.
It's true.
Unless, someone else has paid for it!

Well, someone is paying for this:

Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT.
And some pretty great stuff.
World class education available to anyone.
So many great applications.
I'm currently working through The Nature of Creativity.
I've also been thinking about joining the local gym.
It will be nice to know the proper form for the Stiff Legged Deadlift.
Have a look at the course offerings.
Which would be your dream course to take?


our top story...

I am not a news junkie.
I generally try to avoid constant steams of news.
During Ike and the isolation of being without electricity, I felt disconnected.
Fortunately, with AT&T I had Internet on my phone without interruption.
As I scanned blog headlines, caught breaking headlines and waded thorough streaming video, I began to rethink the sources I choose to receive and digest news.
If you've known me for any period of time you know that I am skeptical and will google anything you say at the drop of a hat.
My goal: increase my knowledge or prove you wrong. Both worth my energy.
So, I'm thinking what is the better source of information?

Take for instance the irradiation of food:

Lou Dobbs with the credibility of CNN or Norman B- and his Deviations from the Norm, with the credibility of YouTube.

Call me crazy. I'm stickin' with Norman B.

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I'm An Idiot

In door ice dispensers don't work when the power is out.
Eye wall and "dirty side" still 60 miles south. We are in and safe, but I refuse to "hunker down".

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Ike Hits Where It Hurts

It appears that the power is out for remainder of the storm at the house. Which is fine since I think the multiple interuptions over the past two hours fried my dvr. This is when I start to feel stupid and overly dependant on modern living. I'm sure I'll still try to turn on lights even though I know they are out. Good news: the iPod is loaded with movies. Bad news: I had not printed out my sermon for Sunday.
This is a perfect time to read a book and spend time with the family. Board game anyone?

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here an oasis. there an oasis.

I always thought the thing that made an oasis a source of refuge was it's rarity. Turns out in the world of churches, Oasis Student Ministries ain't rare.

I got an e-mail from P.J. He's the student minister at Oasis Church in central Arkansas. The church's student ministry is called Oasis Student Ministry. P.J. wanted to know if he could use our OSM logo for his group. I desperately wanted to say yes, but I know how much our youth enjoy having something that belongs just to them.

I slept on it and decided to build OSM-Arkansas it's own logo. P.J. and I exchanged e-mails. I put a couple of logos together and here's what that exchange produced.
It's too easy to just lift graphics online and pass them off as our own. I'm glad P.J. didn't.
If you need graphics or ideas here's some free resources:
If you can drop some change to get quality elements:
A place to get ideas and sometimes free resources:


for the right brained reader

Jeremy pointed out a great widget he added.
Amanda from BloggerBuster created it.
Add them both to your reader now...do it, I'll wait.
I added the widget for all of my non-linear, lateral thinking readers.
You'll see it on the right, titled "thoughts for the lateral".
I'm convinced this IS what the inside of my brain looks like.
Linear thinking readers, do not despair!
I've renamed my label list for you.