Aposon 0990-Green Sport Watch

This is a great watch. It definitely appears to be able to stand up to rugged use. The directions are clear and straight forward. Setting the time is fun. Using the buttons on the sides of the watch you set the digital time and the watch in turn sets the hands. Pretty cool! There are lots of options on this watch (time, alarm, date, day, and week). Good solid watch fora great price.


Tantino® Classic Gold Frame Aviator Sunglasses

I ordered the Tantino classic gold frame aviator sunglasses for a family member that loves sunglasses (particularly aviators). Sunglasses seem to easily get lost or broken.. These are solid and feel well made. I do not think that they will easily break like poorly made glasses. These are a good alternative to more expensive name brand glasses.



PediComfort Electronic Foot File

The PediComfort Electronic Foot File works well. Just as represented in the listing, there is a base, rollers, a cleaning brush and batteries. I've found that using the roller after a bath or a shower will make easier work of removing calluses. The rollers gently remove dead skin, whether calloused or just dry skin. The roller is a good size and and the grit of the rollers are effective. #pedicomfort

Sumsonic 20" Cable Management Sleeves

The Sumsonic neoprene cable covers are an upgrade from cable ties. They are perfect for situations were you want to pretty up cables or if you want to keep them even more secure. I can see these working well for people with young children. Little hands can't easily grab on cord or get a finger stuck in the cables. The zippers are tight but not difficult to zip.



Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

I am pleased with this helmet. IT is light weight and comfortable. The design leaves the helmet well ventilated. A quality helmet can be costly. This helmet performs as well as my more expensive name brand helmet for a lower price. The strap took some adjusting to get a good fit. But now that is is set, I'm good to go!



Goose Down Alternative Comforter

The Mellanni Goose Down Alternative comforter is well made and truly an alternative for hose with allergies to goose down. I have my comforter in a duvet cover. It fit well inside of the queen sized duvet cover. The weight is a good weight. Just enough weight to know that you are covered without being heavy. It is well made and the quality is a step above what you find in a big box store.


160ml Electric Aroma Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

I thought that I had a decent diffusers. After trying out the Uvistar essential oil diffuser, my opinion has changed! The diffuser is a good size. There a many great options. You can select the color /pattern of light. You can set the mist on a timer or continuous. You can also set the amount of mist (high or low). The user manual is straight forward and clearly explains its operation and choices.
This diffuser works well. It puts the cheaper diffusers to shame. In operation, functionality and appearance!

I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on reviews for just about everything I purchase. I tend to ignore the ones that just rave about a product without giving clear reasons. I pay close attention to critical reviews. Unhappy customers tend to a greater motivation to leave a review than happy customers. While they may be writing out of frustration because they had a bad experience, they will often point out valid concerns the positive reviewers will glaze over or ignore. With any review, I encourage you to read between the lines. If the review is generic and could be written for any product then ignore it. I find reviews valuable, so I strive to leave valuable reviews.



Cool Renaissance Art Guitar Picks

I am always losing picks or even worse people pick them up and don't return them.  It's hard to know who swiped a pick when everyone has Fender or Dunlop picks but with the art of the masters on the picks, I'll know exactly borrowed a pick!  The picks are well made and the great renaissance art images are inspiring!  Picks test out great on a martin acoustic, great divide acoustic, seagull 12 string, fender acoustic bass and a ukulele. My niece plays the ukulele and is notorious for losing pics.  This would be a great gift for her! Not only are there lots of picks but she can broaden her art education!



Acrylic Magnetic Push Pins

I was immediately concerned that the smaller size of the magnets in the push pins would not hold well. I was certain I would need four to hold a 4x6 photo to the magnetic board. I was surprised at the actual strength of the magnets! One easily holds the picture. I've used two just to be safe. I know that these will stay stuck where I want them!


Leak-Proof Glass Bottles

These are great leak proof bottles! They perform as advertised. There is nothing worse than a leaking bottle or tumbler. These do not! I find our household continuing to move away from plastic. Quality glass bottles like these help that transition. We refrigerate these bottles. We carry them in bags and backpacks. They fit nicely into a cup holder in the car. They clean easily in the dishwasher. I'm glad we have them!


SlimWay Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend

I had no idea how many uses there are for grapefruit essential oil! I ordered the SlimWay Grapefruit Essential Oil to use in a diffuser. There are so many uses easily found in an online search. Essential oils are expensive, but this is affordable and easy to use! The pleasant aroma of grapefruit oil makes it a very effective as a room freshener. The oil is not as concentrated as some other brands, but since I use this in a diffuser that is not an issue. This has functioned just as well for me.


100% Woven Silk Solid Twill Pocket Square by Puentes Denver

These are great pocket squares! My wife has already stolen these to carry in her purse. The box in which they arrived is solidly made and presents well. These are a great addition to any coat pocket. #pocketsquare


Ultrasonic Essential Oils Diffuser by esZENtials

Pure Eucalyptus Oil by The Essentials Co.

I had no idea how many uses there are for eucalyptus oil! I ordered Essentials Co. Essential Oil to use in a diffuser. There are so many uses easily found in an online search. Essential oils are expensive, but this is affordable and easy to use! The pleasant aroma of eucalyptus oil makes it a very effective as a room freshener. While the aroma of the oil isn't as strong as the 100% eucalyptus oil given to me by my sister-in-law, this has functioned just as well for me. #theessentialsco

Amsana™ Cable Speed Jump Rope

I like the fact that this jump rope is adjustable. At 6 ft tall I didn't need any adjustment, but I'm glad to know it is an option for those in my home that are shorter that me. The end caps are removable. The included screws can be used to easily adjust the length of the rope. This saves from the shorter people in my house from having to cut the rope. This rope is great for speed jumping and cardio. The handles are lightweight and easy to grip. The included bag not only makes it easy to keep track of the rope, but transporting the rope with out it getting tangled up is a bonus! #AmsanaSpeedjumprope


Organic Eye Serum

I'm a firm believer that natural ingredients (thing one can pronounce) are the best ingredients! This cream is smooth and has a good thickness. even with just a little on the back of my hand I could feel the difference the hydrating cream made. The plastic pouch in which it arrived can easily be repurposed. The eye cream hits all of the buzz phrases people want; all natural, cruelty free, made in the USA, etc. It's worth checking out!


Kids Lab Coat - Working Class

This is a great lab coat! It now lives in the dress up center. How great is it that there are products that encourage kids to to play at being a scientist! It is obvious that lots of thought has been put into the lab coat. The buttons are easy for little hands manipulate. The pockets are perfectly shaped to put items in and take items out without difficulty. The material chosen for the coat is high quality. It is a nicer fabric than adult lab coats our family member that is a chemist uses. Great item!


Live Infinitely Loop Exercise Bands

Although I have a gym membership, it is not always convenient to get to the gym. The Live Infinitely resistance loop band set has the bands you need for a solid work out. The bands easily travel since they take up little space even in the provided storage bag. They are a great alternative to heavy equipment. Live Infinity has put together solid bands slightly wider than other bands I've owned.  Of All of the resistance bands I've owned this is easily one of my favorite. #liveinfinitely


External DVD CD ROM Drive

The Novapolt External DVD CD ROM Drive has the sleek styling of Apple products. The drive is slim and easy to store in a bag. Their is a non-slip ring that keeps the drive from moving around. Ejecting is done by command prompts. The drive self installs the software needed, so no difficult installation. I plugged in the drive for the first time and it was ready to use on my macbook air in less than a minute.

Stuff4Tots Crib Mattress Pad

The Stuff4Tots Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector is soft and smooth. Soft cotton has such a great feel! I ordered the mattress protector for a family members expecting their first child. A mattress cover is crucial for any parent to have (and have multiples). A leaky bottle, leaky diaper or some spit up will quickly ruin a mattress! This is easy to wash and maintain. It is quilted to extra comfort.



Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light

I have a family member who is a jogger (and runs mainly early in the morning or night). I am concerned about visibility. Reflective running belts or vests can only help so much. LED armbands can only be seen from the front or the side. The the Bright Outdoors Safety Light is a great solution for visibility from the back or any direction! The clip has a good snug grip. I'm impressed with the fact that the lights will attach to anything, your running belt, shirt, shoe laces, your dog or a ball cap. They are incredibly versatile! There a four different light modes. The alternating red and white lights are extremely effective!

Fit Daily Fitness Running Belt -Light & Flexible - Adjustable Fitness Belt - Running, Jogging, or Cycling - Wide Pocket Fits Smartphones, Keys, & More -Water Resistant- Includes 2 Reflective Armbands

The Fit Daily Fitness running belt and running bands are as described, practical and durable. There is no bulk of of a back pack or fanny pack while running (or any other active pursuit). The material is soft so I have no concern that the material might cause some chafing if it has direct contact with skin with distance running or high activity. The reflective stripe on the belt bag is a nice touch. The belt is sleek and easily has room for cell phones with large real estate of the screen. The belt in no way looks like a fanny pack. It is definitely functional and well made. If you need to carry a phone, cash, ID and a couple of keys while running, then this is the running belt for you!

If you are worried about visibility, there is no missing this LED Wristband! TThere are so many applications for these bands, not just runners. They can be used to help find a companion in a crowd. Be an accessory at a concert or club. You can order a pair in your favorite team's colors. I'm glad I made the purchase.


1byone Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

1byone's Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless In-Ear Headphones is well made. The construction is sturdy. The headset is comparable to my more expensive major brand headset. I like the piece that allows the adjustment of the excess cord. The sound is decent. Good for the price. The extra size ear pieces allow one to customizer the fit of the buds. As far as being a set of buds for the gym they are great! #1byoneWirelessHeadphones


1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter

I had never seen a battery this small that could jump start a car! The entire product is well constructed. The holding case has foam cut outs to keep everything in place. This is good since this now lives in the trunk of our car. I am impressed with the wide range of applications. I am most interested by two things: the portability and the power. This is a battery that I will carry as I travel for cell phone charging. The last two times I've helped to jump start a person's car it was difficult to get the batteries close enough for the cables to reach all terminals. This removes the issue!