When I thought It couldn't get worse...

I got the chance to preview the new Michael Sweet album, Touched. I will self declare. I loved Stryper in high school. The "yellow and black attack" gave us hair metal for Christ. Stryper couldn't stand the test time. There are still some well written songs out there left over from those days, but sadly most have gone (rightfully) the way of spandex clad glam rockers.

So, Michael Sweet has a new album, available only on his website. Due to be released this coming year. "In addition to several classic Stryper ballads, this album contains Michael's interpretation of many pop standard songs previously recorded by artists such as Joe Croker ("You Are so Beautiful"), Billy Joel ("She's Got a Way"), Harry Nilsson ("Without You"), Roberta Flack ("The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face"), Bette Midler ("The Rose") and Chicago ("Color My World"). It also features the brand new Michael Sweet song "My Love, My Life, My Flame"

Track Listing:
1. You Are So Beautiful
2. Together As One
3. She's Got A Way
4. All Of Me
5. Without you
6. First Love
7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
8. Honestly
9. The Rose
10. My Love, My Life, My Flame
11. Color My World

So grab a lighter and sway with the inspiration dripping from this album. Billy Idol's "Happy Holidays" is no longer my favorite album gone wrong.


New Year Resolution

I'm not a fan of the New Year Resolution. I'm all for goal setting. New Year Resolutions are just another example of ritual getting in the way of authenticity. In the interest of being authentic, I feel the need to disclose a goal that I set for myself last week. Not a resolution, but a "I want to do this for me. I believe, if I spend the time and energy to accomplish this goal, I will find the end result rewarding."
I am working to memorize the lyrics to "Numb" by Family Force 5 and perfecting a few old school breakdancing moves (downrock/footwork and freezes mainly). When I've completed the goal, I will be able to break out at any moment, giving an accurate and entertaining rendition of the song.
For those of you unfamiliar with the song, you may listen here. You may wish to see expert cellphone footage of Family Force 5 rockin' it live. Xanadu's footwork is admirable. My moves will be much sweeter.


Renig...apologies to Kevin Jarre

I recently stated that the movie Tombstone had the best lines ever written for movie characters.

I ask you to consider another western for that title. And it's not because one of quotes includes "Methodists".


Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy birthday, Jesus
I'm so glad its Christmas

All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it's all about You
Happy birthday, Jesus
Jesus I love You!


Rap Snacks

Last night our youth got together for a white elephant gift exchange. After Jesus, this is my favorite part Christmas. I went to Big Lots to buy extra gifts to have on hand for kids that didn't bring a gift or got shorted by the person that thinks it's funny to bring a the box with dirt in it. You gotta hate that person, Jesus forgive me, but you gotta.

I was walking down the food aisle and saw these:
Here's the story on Rap Snacks...
Invented in 1994, Rap Snacks are billed as "The Official Snack of Hip Hop". Each bag has a pop art image of a rapper, information on the artist on the back of the bag and a positive message emblazoned on the front.
There were four varieties available for 80 cents each at my local Big Lots. So I bought:

, Flavor, Positive message
Lil Romeo, Cheesy BBQ, "Stay in school."
YoungBloodz, Southern Crunk BBQ, "Get crunk!"
Stat Quo, Sour Cream & Extra Cheddar, "Pursue your college degree."
Dirt McGirt, Sour Cream & Onion, "Think responsibly."
I wish I could have gotten my hands on:
Warren G, Cheezie Nacho, "Respect your elders."
Murphy Lee, Red Hot Riplets, "Pimp education."
There was some impressive movement of this item at the party. Ultimately, it landed with a sophomore who said, "hey, it's free food". He reviewed the Sour Cream and Extra cheddar as "pretty tasty". I hear he is now planning to finish high school to pursue his college degree or get crunk.


Todd Wright Band Freebie

In anticipation of the debut CD by the Todd Wright Band (TWB), TWB is giving it's fans something that screams, "TWB rocks and so do I!" Just the sight of this premium give away lets others know you are hip, cool and relevant. So convert that beater you drive into a hip-mobile. Make that trendy SUV hybrid trendier. Make a stand for the Todd Wright Band!

Cllick to print your full size sign now!


Todd's merch

Todd is about to release his first CD (remember when we would have said album?). I'm uber-excited about it (even though I'm confident I'm not listed anywhere in the liner notes). Maybe next album I'll get a little nod like: Thanks Dave for being a punk. That would be totally cool!

With the release of the CD, Todd will be able to capitalize on merch sales. I'm proud to say that the "Michael Myers" hoodie is now available.


They're here!

I would never do anything as foolish as take a picture of my new shoes while driving. But, if I did I imagine it might look like this...


Daddy needs a new pair of shoes...

I'm replacing my favorite pair of Converse. They have, sadly, torn (twice) beyond repair and I can no longer wear them without conveying the idea that I am unable to afford to buy new shoes. 20 years ago I would have duct taped them and gone on until the soles fell off and then applied more duct tape. If you'd like to track the progress of my new converse to my front door, click on the image of the enroute shoe. I'll feel better once I know they have made it safely out of New Jersey.


Top Ten Never-Spoken Messianic Prophesies

10. The Son of Man will work wonders even greater than those posted on YouTube.
9. God’s Anointed shall prefer a lunch of peanut butter and jelly and cottage cheese.
8. They will celebrate his birth each year with the giving of the latest gadgets and fashions.
7. His people shall be known by the plastic fish they stick to their cars.
6. A bunny shall deliver the good news of the Messiah’s resurrection.
5. And caring enough to send the very best, God shall use Hallmark.
4. And when he speaks, his words shall appear in red.
3. A star shall appear to indicate that the congregation will please stand.
2. Animals will surround him at his birth, and he shall sleep securely with the reindeer’s nose as his night light.
1. The Messiah’s birth shall be foretold by a stout, white-bearded man in a red suit, riding a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.