Fam Fave Digital Thermometer

The Fam Faves digital thermometer arrived in a plastic case with an owner manual included. It is lightweight. The waterproof thermometer is flexible and has a comfortable tip. The read time is good, it took about 20 seconds to read and alert me with an alarm beep to signal it is complete. The thermometer is easy to use. A large screen and and readable numbers. I think this is best suited for children and adults or as a rectal thermometer for infants.

Crib Sheets Set - 2 Pack Pink - Fitted, Soft Jersey Cotton Crib Mattress Sheet - Baby Bedding in Pink Chevron & Polka Dot by Ziggy Baby

These are great sheets! The package is good to store the sheets away if they are not being used. They are a good fit.
These are about the cutest crib sheets that I have seen!  The design will be great for the little girl my family members are expecting. I can't which I favor more the chevrons or the polka dots.
The crib sheet fits snuggly enough to fit well and not com undone, but not so snuggly that they are difficult to put on or take off. These would make an excellent shower gift.


Handybar 2 in 1 Car Handle + Sleep Mask

This is a great tool with a nice extra. It is even better that this tool not only assists in getting out of a car but it can also be used to break a window if needed. Although I don't need it now, knowing I have bad knees it is good to have it around. It’s easy to use, the tool slides into the car u-shaped striker where the door locks. Then the tool can take one's weight and exit the car with greater ease. This wonderful tool would make a great gift for anyone with decreased mobility, a mother to be, someone with shaky balance or anyone that just wants a helping hand. This easily lives in the glove box, ready to be used when needed. #carcane

Terra Friendly Cordless Solar Night Light

I didn't know exactly want to expect when I ordered the Terra Friendly Cordless Solar Night Light.  It looked adorable, I figured it was worth the risk!
I'm glad I did!  It is a great product.  I honestly, kinda want to keep it for myself.  The light comes packed flat, with 10 LED lights inside. There are solar panels and an on/off button located on one side of the light. The opposite side has the valve for inflating. There is also a small panel that tells you how much of a charge the night light has remaining.  Instructions are easy and the written directions are clear. The cover is super soft. There are three options for the light: on, blinking and off. Very cute!  It's perfect for children of all ages!


Sterlite Water Flosser

I have not used a water flosser in years. My dental hygienist recommended that I looked into using one. The reservoir holds a good amount of water in the tank. It has 10 different speeds and 6 different interchangeable heads. The pressure of the water really gets pretty high! You will have to "train" especially if you have sensitive gums or you are not used to flossing, I would definitely need to work your way up to using the higher pressure settings. I had braces when I was a teen and the water flosser worked great with braces. Be careful with the tongue scraper attachment. I have brushed my tongue with my toothbrush. I wasn't expecting the pressure on my tongue. Again you will have to "train". I also own a Sterline sonic electric tooth brush. It gave me confidence that this would be a great product too.


Copper mug

Looking for some really sharp looking mugs for cocktails?  Give these Moscow Mule Mugs a look.  Solid copper and a great look.  #coppermug