turn or burn

My formative years were the 80’s. I didn’t own parachute pants, but i wore skinny ties, one had a a piano keyboard on it. I find myself having a stong emotional reaction every now and then to something from that decade. Most recently it is the phrase “turn or burn”. Several kids in my youth group champion the slogan. I gotta tell ya, I remember seeing protesters with signs and voices lifting high the chant: turn or burn. My gut reaction was…this is harsh and unchristian.So I’ve been wrestling with the concept. Here’s where I stand:I think the concept is offensive to some because it’s the truth. I have struggled with the phrase because the “bullhorn bullies” omitted God’s grace from the protest. I continue to challange mysefl to find the grace-filled response. There are daily opportunities (colleagues, family members, friends, strangers in the store, and that guy that calls just to emotionally throw up on me and justify his actions) to practice this free in all, free for all grace.The Gospel is messy and complicated or at least thats how I rationilize my faliure to act with the intention and grace of Christ. There is a simplicity about God’s love. One that I hope is never lost on me or those I have opportunity to share with.

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