College Tour Recap

We rolled in from the '07 College Tour about 30 minutes ago. I got to say I love the idea even more now that I've completed the trip. There were so many great rewards for the trip. Each student was able to see where everyone would live, experience some of the traditional things to do and help make the campus more familiar for the students. We encountered pastors, parents, students and faculty that loved the idea of the trip.
The students needed to be reminded that they are loved and they will not be abandoned or forgotten. I keep coming back to John 15. "I'm the true vine. God's the vine keeper. ”It’s my prayer that the past few days helped to strengthen the roots of our students off to college for the first time.


Todd Wright said...

Dude...come on.

Todd Wright said...

Seriously...I have been standing in your office this past week and heard you say, "I'm going to blog that right now."


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