Todd recently posted about his dad's mp3 player and looked at some pros and cons of the iPod.
I was given my iPod as an early father's day present this year. Sure, I love the convenience of having 5000 songs with me at all time. But I gotta tell ya, I still prefer Windows Media Player over iTunes. I've had 2 gigs of storage on my smartphone for years. WMP is easier to navigate. With iTunes, I've experienced lock ups, errors in connecting, massive management of my library to be functional for me. Yeah, I know that some of this has been the fact I'm an idiot. You click the "sink only the selected playlist" button and iTunes will remove everything but 4 Non Blondes "What's Up" and "Beauitful" sung Christina Aguilera, written by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes (another story).
I just want to prepare you for the inevitable shift that will occur. I faced the horrific reality in 1993. The year I moved from Apple to PC.
Brace yourself. You too may be standing face to face with this fact: as stinkin’ cool as Apple is, others will find ways to eat into their market share. Apple is smart enough to say, “this is who we are”. Apple knows it can’t compete with Adobe Photoshop. They can not do it better. They don’t try.The advantage the other guys have is Microsoft. Although Bill Gates doesn’t play well with others the door is open for anyone to stand on the shoulders of the Microsoft giant. I happen to like this fact. Microsoft has been forced over the years to innovate and improve (yeah, yeah sometimes it was a judge that made them do it). Don’t get me wrong. At this moment I want a Mac Power Book. I sit here frustrated with my IBM ThinkCentre (see the “re”? it’s artsy too!). But, life was good before my iPod. I’m pretty sure I’d live a quality life without it.


Todd Wright said...

I feel ya.

You are a blogging machine, man.

Todd Wright said...

oh..but you should have titled this "iTodd."

david runnels said...

brilliant! done!