Worship Imagery

I left worship today simply in awe of God. I know all credit goes to God for arranging the service in such a way it would speak meaningfully to me. However, Todd does does his fair share to help me get to that place. BUt his is because Todd consistantly is working to create in the room a true sense of worship.

Pastor Carol preached from Jeremiah 18. She ran a youtube clip while preaching. I had seen the clip at least five times in the last 12 hours trying to figure out how to get a quality image. I failed. Todd ran it from youtube.

I mentioned the things that grabbed near the end of service. My hope was to show a genuine response from me and encourage others to do the same. Here's what grabbed me:

The images of the clay being stretched in the youtube clip. How easily it yeilded. How slow I can be to respond. I may not be called to explore unexplored areas like Merriweather Lewis, but God does demand that we grow. What a great image. How painful for the clay.

Todd followed talking about lifting our hands as a sign of our need for mercy. I remembered seeing Mike Warnke in 1989. He did a bit name "Did I do good Daddy?". The moment that I have never forgotten was that of Warnke playing a child, hurting and wrong. He raised his arms up and said, "Daddy, hold me." A powerful moment. Todd tapped into that sentiment today before leading us in "From The Rooftops" (not the Desperation Band song...a Todd Wright? I'm Stumped.).

My brain gets easily side tracked. While singing "From The Rooftops" the thought of the song "Tradition" popped into my head. I attribute this to (1)the word rooftop and (2) Todd mentioning breaking out and worshiping God. Needless to say lots of great stuff in regards to the law and grace...yada yada yada.

It was a good morning.

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