Love the mix of news and faux-news at

My favorite this month so far:

OCALA, Fla. — After 28 years of handing out the same prayer card, Jeanette and Richard Nusbaum, missionaries to Ghana, have finally updated their photo. "We overprinted," says Richard, recalling the day in 1979 when he mistakenly placed an order for 100,000 cards instead of 1,000. "Rather than waste the Lord’s money printing new ones, we decided to use them until they ran out." The cards officially ran out last Wednesday at a mid-week service in Kansas. The Nusbaums now hope their new photo, which shows them nearly three decades older, doesn’t shock and alienate long-time supporters. "Some people don’t even know that in the meantime, we had three children and seven grandchildren," he says.•


  1. team splunk // 10/2/07, 2:14 PM  
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  2. Adrienne // 10/2/07, 2:16 PM  

    hey! I live near there!

  3. Todd Wright // 10/2/07, 3:28 PM  

    Holy moly...a comment not from me!

    Larknews is fantastic!

  4. adrienne // 10/2/07, 4:36 PM  

    well I just realized that David allows random people to leave comments.

    unlike SOMEONE I know.

    and yes, Larknews is quite fantastic.

  5. Todd Wright // 10/2/07, 8:02 PM  

    shut up and get a blogger account already...

    (by the way, DO you do that?)

  6. adrienne // 10/3/07, 7:38 AM  

    ha ha, no thank you.

    I have one for my Old Testament class, and I'm not a fan.

    besides, my life just isn't that interesting.

  7. david runnels // 10/3/07, 1:06 PM  

    todd- dashboard-settings-comments-who can comment-set to anyone

    adrienne- do not bow to todd's blogging pressure

  8. Todd Wright // 10/3/07, 1:41 PM  

    okay, ANYBODY can comment on mine. hope to hear from you soon!