I'm replacing my favorite pair of Converse. They have, sadly, torn (twice) beyond repair and I can no longer wear them without conveying the idea that I am unable to afford to buy new shoes. 20 years ago I would have duct taped them and gone on until the soles fell off and then applied more duct tape. If you'd like to track the progress of my new converse to my front door, click on the image of the enroute shoe. I'll feel better once I know they have made it safely out of New Jersey.


  1. Todd Wright // 12/4/07, 2:23 PM  

    Praying for shoes' protection...

  2. david runnels // 12/5/07, 10:49 PM  

    dec. 5th...walking in memphis

  3. waldo // 12/7/07, 6:29 PM  

    i like the brown...