Rap Snacks

Last night our youth got together for a white elephant gift exchange. After Jesus, this is my favorite part Christmas. I went to Big Lots to buy extra gifts to have on hand for kids that didn't bring a gift or got shorted by the person that thinks it's funny to bring a the box with dirt in it. You gotta hate that person, Jesus forgive me, but you gotta.

I was walking down the food aisle and saw these:
Here's the story on Rap Snacks...
Invented in 1994, Rap Snacks are billed as "The Official Snack of Hip Hop". Each bag has a pop art image of a rapper, information on the artist on the back of the bag and a positive message emblazoned on the front.
There were four varieties available for 80 cents each at my local Big Lots. So I bought:

, Flavor, Positive message
Lil Romeo, Cheesy BBQ, "Stay in school."
YoungBloodz, Southern Crunk BBQ, "Get crunk!"
Stat Quo, Sour Cream & Extra Cheddar, "Pursue your college degree."
Dirt McGirt, Sour Cream & Onion, "Think responsibly."
I wish I could have gotten my hands on:
Warren G, Cheezie Nacho, "Respect your elders."
Murphy Lee, Red Hot Riplets, "Pimp education."
There was some impressive movement of this item at the party. Ultimately, it landed with a sophomore who said, "hey, it's free food". He reviewed the Sour Cream and Extra cheddar as "pretty tasty". I hear he is now planning to finish high school to pursue his college degree or get crunk.


adrienne said...

who manufactures those things? that's hilarious.

white elephant exchanges make me uncomfortable.

Todd Wright said...

Great post. Like the closing with the extra long sentence.

You are funny.

And handsome...

adrienne said...

Todd's comments also make me uncomfortable.

Todd Wright said...

Was I just compared to a white elephant?