Rap Snacks

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Last night our youth got together for a white elephant gift exchange. After Jesus, this is my favorite part Christmas. I went to Big Lots to buy extra gifts to have on hand for kids that didn't bring a gift or got shorted by the person that thinks it's funny to bring a the box with dirt in it. You gotta hate that person, Jesus forgive me, but you gotta.

I was walking down the food aisle and saw these:
Here's the story on Rap Snacks...
Invented in 1994, Rap Snacks are billed as "The Official Snack of Hip Hop". Each bag has a pop art image of a rapper, information on the artist on the back of the bag and a positive message emblazoned on the front.
There were four varieties available for 80 cents each at my local Big Lots. So I bought:

, Flavor, Positive message
Lil Romeo, Cheesy BBQ, "Stay in school."
YoungBloodz, Southern Crunk BBQ, "Get crunk!"
Stat Quo, Sour Cream & Extra Cheddar, "Pursue your college degree."
Dirt McGirt, Sour Cream & Onion, "Think responsibly."
I wish I could have gotten my hands on:
Warren G, Cheezie Nacho, "Respect your elders."
Murphy Lee, Red Hot Riplets, "Pimp education."
There was some impressive movement of this item at the party. Ultimately, it landed with a sophomore who said, "hey, it's free food". He reviewed the Sour Cream and Extra cheddar as "pretty tasty". I hear he is now planning to finish high school to pursue his college degree or get crunk.


  1. adrienne // 12/18/07, 8:43 AM  

    who manufactures those things? that's hilarious.

    white elephant exchanges make me uncomfortable.

  2. Todd Wright // 12/19/07, 3:09 AM  

    Great post. Like the closing with the extra long sentence.

    You are funny.

    And handsome...

  3. adrienne // 12/19/07, 11:07 AM  

    Todd's comments also make me uncomfortable.

  4. Todd Wright // 12/19/07, 11:04 PM  

    Was I just compared to a white elephant?