Todd's merch

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Todd is about to release his first CD (remember when we would have said album?). I'm uber-excited about it (even though I'm confident I'm not listed anywhere in the liner notes). Maybe next album I'll get a little nod like: Thanks Dave for being a punk. That would be totally cool!

With the release of the CD, Todd will be able to capitalize on merch sales. I'm proud to say that the "Michael Myers" hoodie is now available.


  1. Todd Wright // 12/13/07, 2:40 PM  

    Not yet, you IDIOT! We weren't supposed to unveil it until the CD dropped!

    (I knew I should have hired Blake for all hoodie-related projects.)

  2. david runnels // 12/13/07, 3:28 PM  

    blake knows his hoodies