Never been a fan

I've never been a fan of Iron Man. No real dislike. Just not a fan. If I dug deep, I suppose I could admit to only having room in my heart for one child of privilege, turned super hero after the loss of his parents and inheritance of a corporate empire. Those geekier than I please don't quibble over the syntax, minutia or my oversimplification. But, if you are that easily riled then the movies major deviation from the original story line already had you miffed.
However, I saw the trailer for the new Iron Man movie today; Robert Downey Jr, explosions, Black Sabbath, explosions, American Ingenuity vs. Middle East extremeism, explosions and explosions. Always nice to have a movie that allows you to check your brain at the door.


adrienne said...

Robert Downy Jr?



david runnels said...

Who else could play the arrogant playboy so well?

david runnels said...

and alcoholic?