And I thought "The Message" was a cool take on the Bible...

Scenes from the Bible have been imagined by countless artists over the centuries, but never quite like this. God’s Eye View portrays four key Biblical events as if captured by Google Earth. Above, The Crucifixion.

It’s the work of Sydney-based “creative collective” The Glue Society. The project was commissioned by Eric Romano of Pulse Art, New York for its Miami art fair.
Romano had seen the group’s Hot with a Chance of a Late Storm installation (below), a comment on global warming in which a melting ice cream van oozed across the promenade and onto the sand at Tamarama in Australia last year as part of
Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea event, and commisssioned them to create this new work.
“We like to disorientate audiences a little with all our work. And with this piece we felt technology now allows events which may or may not have happened to be visualized and made to appear dramatically real,” say The Glue Society’s James Dive.

“As a method of representation satellite photography is so trusted, it has been interesting to mess with that trust.”

The Glue Society is aiming to produce further works using the same satellite imagery next year but this time relating to mythological occurrences and major historical events.

God’s Eye View depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Moses parting the Red Sea and The Crucifixion.

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