The Greatness of Lost

Where can one find LOST extoled as great by beginning with a quote from "What About Bob?" (a quote about Neil Diamond no less). This is why I read the COLLIDE Magazine Blog.
Please ignore the misuse of the phrase "I couldn't care less". It's still a great look at why Lost is excellent.
Where do you rank LOST?


adrienne said...

the article really really really made me want to be a Lost fan.

but I'm attempting to watch this season with Brad, and I resonate with nothing more than the title each week. =)

maybe it's just cause I'm a newbie.

david runnels said...

i'd find it hard to jump in this season as my first. the flashing forward has caught my attention...who are the six? we know 4. I have my suspicions on the 5th.
Karen started watching in season 2 it was all i bit to strange. when i made the conscious effort to let go and not analyze it too much...i was hooked.

adrienne said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, and I've honestly been watching it.

I find that mildly entertaining.

david runnels said...

references to the Oceanic Six. Six will leave the island and return. We know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid all leave the island because we see them in the future in last seasons finale or the first few of this season. They seem to want us to think the Sawyer is one of the six (based on the funeral no one attended except Jack. Jack thought Kate would be at the funeral.