Recovering my music

Our main computer at home crashed about 10 months ago. It was old. It was time. The only setback was that on the hard drive sits about 30 CDs worth of music and I have no clue where the CDs are hiding.
This computer had crashed before. Through an elobrate recovery process most of the data was saved. Not the happy ending this time. There are several CDs I keep my eyes open for when I have time to look at used CDs . I just haven't had the motivation to spend $10 a CD on itunes to replace each. Heck, the CDs have to be somewhere right?
Yesterday, I stumbled across a band I had had written off. So, I'm glad to be listening again to The Alarm.
The Alarm emerged from Wales in the early 1980s. It started as a local punk band with a spirited, energetic acoustic/folk influence, stayed together for ten years, and landed 7 top 10 singles. The Alarm incorporated elements of punk, folk, new wave, roots rock, and classic rock, and, unusually for a rock band, displayed marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alt.rock band of the 1980's. Mike Peters, lead singer, carries on as a solo artist and carrying on with the band name. In 2003, The Alarm was part of VH1s Bands Reunited.

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