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The Ten Most Over Used Fonts in Design Thanks, Johnny Falsh!
You've seen them over again. They haunt you when you sleep and when you design. No matter how many times you tell your designers not to use these fonts, they still use them anyway. You cringe when someone asks you what you think of their logo design that includes one of these fonts. We bring you the ten most over used fonts in design. All of these fonts are over used and should be avoided like the plague. They are listed in no particular order.

Over used font #1: Times New Roman
Microsoft uses Times New Roman as the default for Word, the most popular word processing software. Newspapers like to use Times New Roman. It's commonplace on many websites. The funny thing about Times New Roman is that sas much as it's over used it probably will continue to stay in style for quite some time and will always be over used.

Over used font #2: Arial/Helvetica
Arial on the PC (Helvetica on MAC) is typically the first choice for designers that are tired of Times New Roman. The only problem is that after using Arial on everything from publications to websites to designs, it becomes the next over used font. If you're looking for a new font to use instead of Arial, try using Myriad (iPod, Macs, etc)

Over used font #3: Impact
You'll find Impact on billboards, posters and logos. It's bold, but too narrow to be practical. Despite its drawbacks, it comes preloaded on millions of Windows machines and therefore has quickly become over used. Search for better bold fonts on
www.dafont.com or your favorite font website.

Over used font #4: Papyrus
This font looks different then the standard typefaces that most people are used to seeing. To an amateur designer, this is a font that seems to be natural to gravitate toward. Particularly in church environments and Christian circles this font really gets over used. Although it may seem decorative and stylish, avoid the desire to use this over used font.

Over used font #5: Comic Sans
Think party invitations. Think fun. Think goofy. Comic Sans is commonplace in these areas—over used. This is another font that comes standard on PCs with Windows and unfortunately you find it everywhere.

Over used font #6: Copperplate
Copperplate is one of those less realized over used fonts. Although it doesn't approach the amount of usage that Times New Roman and Arial do, it still creeps its way into a lot of designs and logos. It's the first choice for people that want an all caps font and because of that, it's over used. There are many flavors of Copperplate and Copperplate Gothic, avoid them all.

Over used font #7: Bank Gothic
Bank Gothic runs a close second to Copperplate for an all capital letter font. In fact the two fonts are fairly similar which is why they both are over saturated in designs.

Over used font #8: Garamond
Most will agree that Garamond is a better choice than Arial and Times New Roman, but that's about it. It's slightly less used than those two fonts but that's about it. Garamond finds its home on a lot of web sites and designs.

Over used font #9: Brush Script
Sports, particularly baseball, like to use Brush Script. It tends to be the first choice for script fonts and therefore has long since been considered over used.

Over used font #10: Courier
Courier is another font that will probably always exist and be in use but still makes the top ten over used list. Courier is unique to our top ten list in that it's the only font that has evenly wide letters. The letter i takes up as much space as the letter c or o. This was one of the early fonts used in DOS and other command based operating systems.

What fonts do you hate?


adrienne said...

I hate, with the hugest passion ever, Comic Sans.


but I think you knew that.

Todd Wright said...

Nobody likes a font elitist, David. And I mean, nobody.

Anonymous said...

He is hardly a font elitist if he thinks Arial and Helvetica are the same font. Arial has horrible metrics and no style, and comes in three weights. Helvetica, however is not only a classic font, but has a full range of weights from ultra light to ultrablack, and is infinitely scaled from ultracompressed to extended. One can design with Helvetica and any true font snob appreciates it for it versatility. Arial is for amateurs and has no place in professional typography.

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