My Words

"My Words" are actually the words of my youth. I give you these in hopes of providing a reality check and a chance to rethink why we do what we do.

The following is an excerpt from "ReConnecting: A Wesleyan Guide for the Renewal of Our Congregation" by Rob Weber.

Thoughts tend to become "untangled" when we pause to write them down. Take a few moments and reflect. Ask God to show you a picture of where you are in your life of faith. Are you at the beginning of your journey? Are you in a full sprint towards the fullness of life for which God has created you? Are you stalled along the road for one reason or another? Are you wandering around, uncertian as to your direction?

A few responses from youth:

Right now I think I am just in the middle of everything. I try to follow you but I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing.

My life is okay. I should pay attention to you more and read the Bible more and just grow as a Chrisrtian more. I promise to do that.

I see me stalled and looking for a new reason to come forward. I need to see what I really need and who I really need in my life. I see me as tangled and confused.

I've been saved, but as a teen it's hard to find a balance between God and doing what everyone else is doing. I hang out with Christians, but I don't think I've felt the full effect of Christ in my life yet. It seems like the only way to truly know Christ is to get through the craziness of teen-hood and become a mature understanding adult.

I feel that I am stalled because of the way my time is managed. I am not spending hardly any time with God through out the day due to school and other activities. Please help me manage my time better.

I see that I am stopped beacuse I have gone away from my faith in God because of a boy and I should go back, the reason I have stayed away is because I thought God wasn't helping.

I see that I'm struggling to get to where you want me to be. I understand I'm not quite living your word. I need help to find my place and need help out of these habits of mine. I also know I can't do it alone and need your help. I see myself bumped back to the beginning and need directions to find my way on up the road. I really want for things to be better than they are and I need your help.

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