i've got nothing...

As Ross points out (nice misdirection here: you may now think Ross and I are buddies, we hang out or maybe I have a higher degree of "cool" cause I've used his name. Although Ross and I grew up basicly in the same town, are basicly the same age and know lots os the same people, this is misdirection at best...i love the blogoshpere!), "When you're having writer's block the best thing to do is to point out really great stuff that other people say about you, which distracts readers from the issue, which is that you don't blog much these days."

If people were saying really great stuff about me I'd concur.
However, here's what folks are saying:

Looks like someone tried to make you look skinny in the "Visitor". Your forehead is huge!

You look like the guy from Mythbusters.

What's that smell?


Clay said...

Your forehead is huge in that picture, bro! I mean, when you told me at lunch it looked big, I had no idea. Wow!

adrienne. said...

I REALLY don't like Mythbusters for some unfounded reason, so it pains me to say that if someone says you bear a resemblance to that guy, I could maybe see where they were coming from.