running away...

Ever have the feeling that you want to run away?
I know I do.
Every now and then I just want to runaway.
Most often, I'm mentally set on running away to Mexico.
I don't know why.
It just seems right.
But then I realize, that even if I run away, I'd want to be home for dinner.
I took fifteen minutes after this morning services and a special lunch we were having and I ran away to Mexico.
I hopped in my igooglemobile and googledrove to Mexico.
It wasn't the fastest route.
But it was direct.
59 to 35 to Mexico.
Voila! (Should that be AquĆ­!)

You can see form the satellite view of the crossing, not many headed into Mexico.
Lots headed out of Mexico.
I should remember this for my drive home.

I'll be home for dinner.

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