here an oasis. there an oasis.

I always thought the thing that made an oasis a source of refuge was it's rarity. Turns out in the world of churches, Oasis Student Ministries ain't rare.

I got an e-mail from P.J. He's the student minister at Oasis Church in central Arkansas. The church's student ministry is called Oasis Student Ministry. P.J. wanted to know if he could use our OSM logo for his group. I desperately wanted to say yes, but I know how much our youth enjoy having something that belongs just to them.

I slept on it and decided to build OSM-Arkansas it's own logo. P.J. and I exchanged e-mails. I put a couple of logos together and here's what that exchange produced.
It's too easy to just lift graphics online and pass them off as our own. I'm glad P.J. didn't.
If you need graphics or ideas here's some free resources:
If you can drop some change to get quality elements:
A place to get ideas and sometimes free resources:

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