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I am not a news junkie.
I generally try to avoid constant steams of news.
During Ike and the isolation of being without electricity, I felt disconnected.
Fortunately, with AT&T I had Internet on my phone without interruption.
As I scanned blog headlines, caught breaking headlines and waded thorough streaming video, I began to rethink the sources I choose to receive and digest news.
If you've known me for any period of time you know that I am skeptical and will google anything you say at the drop of a hat.
My goal: increase my knowledge or prove you wrong. Both worth my energy.
So, I'm thinking what is the better source of information?

Take for instance the irradiation of food:

Lou Dobbs with the credibility of CNN or Norman B- and his Deviations from the Norm, with the credibility of YouTube.

Call me crazy. I'm stickin' with Norman B.

HT: Barfblog

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