sad day for david bowie, david lee roth rejoices

I was searching in itunes.
In the search bar there is predictive text based on popularity that pops up to assist you.
Here's what popped up for david:
david archuleta
david cook
david bowie
david banner
david gray
david crowder band
david allen coe
david guetta
david lee roth

Really itunes? I can thing of so many more deserving Davids:
david byrne
david crosby
david gilmour
david grisman
david (dah-veed) garza
david wilcox

even john david webster!

I know there are others, there have to be others!
itunes I'm going to let you slide this time.
I know that it's not you that prefers David Archuleta to David Bowie, David Lee Roth to almost any other David.
But know this;
I'll be watching what you do with your Genius playlists.

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