days i dread living in east texas

Preface: I use Google Alerts. I set a a phrase and Google e-mails me when that phrase appears in a news story or blog. I have alerts for "youth ministry", "united methodist" and "lufkin, tx".

This morning my Google Alert included this alert:

LUFKIN,TX UFO shows up near HOUSTON,TXBy realufos(realufos) This is a great closeup of a ufo filmed in LUFKIN,Texas on a cell phone and the latest taken near HOUSTON,TX OCT 15, 2008:The Best Real UFO videos & news... - http://www.realufos.net/

I haven't quite figured out why I'm bothered by the fact that this happened in the town where I live. This being: people believing they captured images of a UFO, setting to a soundtrack of Adiemus and using crappy technology to showcase the "find".
But, it does.

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