thank you, one time lufkin resident!

I was shown something this morning. I literally think it's one of the best things I've seen in years. Here it is:
The letter reads:

Dear First United Methodist Church, Lufkin,
About 10 years ago while visiting your church, I "borrowed" this book that someone left behind at the back of the church. My intention was to learn about Methodism and return very soon with the book. Now a decade later, with apologies, I am returning it.
I ask for your forgiveness,
A one time resident of Lufkin
See there is hope of getting books returned even though this is confirmation curriculum.

The letter was mailed from another state. The book returned was in fact confirmation curiculum. The student's name in the book was a member of the confirmation class in 1993.
As a staff member of a church, I know things get "borrowed" all of the time. I choose to believe that well meaning people, people with good intentions pick up items around the church. I could write 15 different posts about this. But, I wanted to say to "One time Lufkin resident":
Thanks for taking the time and effort to return the book. I hope it helped you answer some of the questions you might have had. I've decided to place the book in the back of the church again. Because of the name on the book I have a pretty good idea where it will place the book. My hope is someone else might pick it up and be encouraged by it. Thank you for the reminder that we, as a church, can have am impact on people even a decade after a visit. I'm encouraged that a forgotten book can be an encouragement to us all!

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