eye of the beholder

I'm always intersted in how people view my church. There are some strong stereotypes of this place in the community. I struggle, at times, to confront these missperceptions. I believe that confronting a misunderstanding about the church isn't what we are called to do. Instead we need focus or accurately representing the Gospel and strive relevant to our community.

So why mention it?

Story one: There are youth in the community that have shared with me that they don't want to come to my church because "Name of a specific youth" goes to FUMC Lufkin. The student has come to one event ever! Not a member. Sighs...

Story two: Olan Mills has been on campus taking pictures for our church directory. They have display photos they set up to encourage you to buy pictres afterwards. These display photos have people, families and couples of all ages and races (I know this beacuse if you leave something out and open at the church I'm bound to peek into it to either identify its owner or satisfy my curiosity). Here are the display photos that were set up on the final day of the photo shoot. What does it say about this church?

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