pauvre mardi

Tuesday has largely been overlooked in the world of song writing. Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday get all the glory.

Here's a list of songs about the day, Tuesday:

"Tuesday Afternoon" Moody Blues,
"On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago" Counting Crowes
"Tuesday Heartbreak" Stevie Wonder
"Tuesday" Spyro Gyra
"Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning" Cowboy Junkies
"Church on Tuesday" Stone Temple Pilots
"Groovy Tuesday" Smithereens
"Another Tuesday Morning," Jim Brickman
"Tuesday Morning," Melissa Etheridge

Are there others? (besides "Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones...not about Tuesday)

I feel compelled to give mention to Til Tuesday, Aimee Mann's project in the 80's. "Hush, hush even down, down, voices carry"

What's your favorite Tuesday song?

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Artie said...

Tuesday's Gone..Lynard Skynard.. not about the day Tuesday but still my favorite Tuesday song.