NCV Dad's Bible

I'm not a big fan of the "let's add a little content to a Bible and see how many we can sell". I reluctantly ordered the NCV Dad's Bible thinking I could pass it along a gift some time. THe book over came my cynicism.

First, the New Century Version translation offers simplicity without sacrificing accuracy. For first-time reader of the Word the NCV is an ideal Bible. The NCV manages to maintain the integrity of the biblical text without complex theological vocabulary.

Next, the Dad's Bible itself has great supplmentary content. Sections include:
Walking in authority. Godly Character, Passing it on, Dad's in the Bible, Building your children, Insights, question and answer resource and topical index. This is a great gift for a new dad or encouragemnet for a father wanting to more invovled in reading the Word. Each a helpful and easy to read sections. I'm impressed with the calibre of the NCV Dad' Bible.

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