4-pack Mixed Pedi Refill Roller Heads Compatible with Pedi Perfect Pedicure Foot File

Discovery Health's Mixed Pedi a Refill Roller Heads fit perfectly in the Amope Pedi Perfect used by my wife. Mixed means that the rollers each have a different coarseness (extra coarse, regular coarse, and soft touch). It's easy to decide which roller to use for the desired effect. The coarseness of a roller is also color coded to help keep up with which is which.  My wife had no complaints with the quality or performance of the rollers.  Worked as expected.

I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on reviews for just about everything I purchase. I tend to ignore the ones that just rave about a product without giving clear reasons. I pay close attention to critical reviews. Unhappy customers tend to a greater motivation to leave a review than happy customers.  While they may be writing out of frustration because they had a bad experience, they will often point out valid concerns the positive reviewers will glaze over or ignore. With any review, I encourage you to read between the lines. If the review is generic and could be written for any product then ignore it. I find reviews valuable, so I strive to leave valuable reviews. If my review helped you in anyway, please take a second to click “Yes” this review helped me.

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