Fit Daily Fitness Running Belt -Light & Flexible - Adjustable Fitness Belt - Running, Jogging, or Cycling - Wide Pocket Fits Smartphones, Keys, & More -Water Resistant- Includes 2 Reflective Armbands

The Fit Daily Fitness running belt and running bands are as described, practical and durable. There is no bulk of of a back pack or fanny pack while running (or any other active pursuit). The material is soft so I have no concern that the material might cause some chafing if it has direct contact with skin with distance running or high activity. The reflective stripe on the belt bag is a nice touch. The belt is sleek and easily has room for cell phones with large real estate of the screen. The belt in no way looks like a fanny pack. It is definitely functional and well made. If you need to carry a phone, cash, ID and a couple of keys while running, then this is the running belt for you!

If you are worried about visibility, there is no missing this LED Wristband! TThere are so many applications for these bands, not just runners. They can be used to help find a companion in a crowd. Be an accessory at a concert or club. You can order a pair in your favorite team's colors. I'm glad I made the purchase.

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