Christmas Music

Posted by david | 1:17 PM | 4 comments »

All of the stores have Christmas items out on display (including the Flying J Truck Stop at US 59 & SR 242). I spotted this gem while standing at the check out line. So rush out now to your closest truck stop to pick up Billy Idol's Happy Holidays. I regret not buying it already! What is your favorite Christmas album?


  1. Todd Wright // 10/20/07, 8:03 PM  

    I believe we saw that CD in a Houston Best Buy, my friend, which makes it worse somehow...

  2. Todd Wright // 10/20/07, 8:03 PM  
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  3. Todd Wright // 10/23/07, 11:57 PM  

    I gotta' say the Charlie Brown Christmas stuff is always a win-win at my house. (Vince Guaraldi actually played the songs. Charlie and crew are animated characters and the laws of physical existence prevent them from create music.)

  4. Romack // 11/1/07, 12:51 AM  

    Wow, never like Billy's other music...doubt this is a winner.