Information please...

Our vehicle for centering folks for worship and giving the weekly and upcoming announcements. The front has bar to highlight interesting stuff. For example this week's message focuses on prayer.
The "chocolate bar" has prayer ministries of the church (prayer pagers, prayer chain, prayer shawls, prayer and journaling group).
The lead story is used to focus worshipers on the message they are going to hear. This could be some of the pastor's thoughts that were pretty cool but didn't make the message, musings of the staff or some human interest angle.The right side is a list of activities at the church that week. The goal is not so much remind people that they need to be at all the stuff, but instead let them see the activities and weekday life of the congregation.
The back side is our prayer list...I gotta say, I love the look!
The goal is to give those that walk into worship something relevant and interesting to make them want to read. Ultimately "the deal" (in house name of the publication) will replace spoken announcements, allow us to convey a focused message and inform our people of the great dynamic of the church.


adrienne said...

love it!

will this take the place of The Visitor?

david runnels said...

just handed out at the services... it will replace spoken announcments. I don't know that anything can be done in regards to the visitor. if i were king of the visitor i would 1)distribute it only at the services and electronicly 2)change the design 3)make the focus huamn interest and not program dates. I would of course make the changes in revese order of my lisiting.