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I have publicly stated to people that have not watched CBS' Kid Nation not to bother. I have lied and mislead. There is a reason to watch Kid Nation. The reasons name is Jared.

Jared is smart, quirky, insightful, goofy and random. He alone keeps me watching Kid Nation. I was going embed video of Jared but it is the 5 second outtake of Jared the is so amusing. Invest some time watching full length versions of Kid Nation online. This weeks episode deals with religion.


  1. adrienne // 10/11/07, 6:58 PM  

    my mom was watching this show, and I walked in on the last ten minutes - so what I'm about to say has little to no basis for a genuinely formed opinion.

    this show bothers me. it seems like an incredibly stressful and high-emotion environment to put children in.


  2. Todd Wright // 10/11/07, 10:33 PM  

    That red headed girl is the sister of one of the stars of "PBS' Fetch w/ Ruff Ruffman," which the Wrights watch.

    That has very little to do with Kid Nation.

    I'm sorry.

  3. david runnels // 10/12/07, 9:43 AM  

    it does appear to be a pretty danged stressful environment. i'm certain that it is less stressful than it appears. i'm still not a fan of the show. but i love jared.

    i do know that the producers were kinda sneaky in how they got around child labor laws. the loop hole has been closed in the law.

    we are such a litigious society you know that the kids aren't being denied fundamentals. hey i've got an idea for a show. we send all these kids out on there own and create at least 40 law suits!

    i really expected lord of the flies. actually i was kinda hoping for it. but they have failed to deliver!

    i know as i would not an 8 year old. as a teen they would have to convince me. here at the church we have 10 - 15 year olds that could have a positive experience in that environment. some i'd like to send.

  4. adrienne // 10/13/07, 1:19 PM  

    I heard that two of the kids' parents were suing CBS because their kids drank bleach while they were on the show.

    I guess bleach is pretty fundamental though. =)

    and I too could think of several kids I'd love to send.

  5. david runnels // 10/14/07, 8:40 AM  

    bleach is the cornerstone of civilized society. or is it toilet paper? did they eat that too?