I have publicly stated to people that have not watched CBS' Kid Nation not to bother. I have lied and mislead. There is a reason to watch Kid Nation. The reasons name is Jared.

Jared is smart, quirky, insightful, goofy and random. He alone keeps me watching Kid Nation. I was going embed video of Jared but it is the 5 second outtake of Jared the is so amusing. Invest some time watching full length versions of Kid Nation online. This weeks episode deals with religion.


adrienne said...

my mom was watching this show, and I walked in on the last ten minutes - so what I'm about to say has little to no basis for a genuinely formed opinion.

this show bothers me. it seems like an incredibly stressful and high-emotion environment to put children in.


Todd Wright said...

That red headed girl is the sister of one of the stars of "PBS' Fetch w/ Ruff Ruffman," which the Wrights watch.

That has very little to do with Kid Nation.

I'm sorry.

david runnels said...

it does appear to be a pretty danged stressful environment. i'm certain that it is less stressful than it appears. i'm still not a fan of the show. but i love jared.

i do know that the producers were kinda sneaky in how they got around child labor laws. the loop hole has been closed in the law.

we are such a litigious society you know that the kids aren't being denied fundamentals. hey i've got an idea for a show. we send all these kids out on there own and create at least 40 law suits!

i really expected lord of the flies. actually i was kinda hoping for it. but they have failed to deliver!

i know as i would not an 8 year old. as a teen they would have to convince me. here at the church we have 10 - 15 year olds that could have a positive experience in that environment. some i'd like to send.

adrienne said...

I heard that two of the kids' parents were suing CBS because their kids drank bleach while they were on the show.

I guess bleach is pretty fundamental though. =)

and I too could think of several kids I'd love to send.

david runnels said...

bleach is the cornerstone of civilized society. or is it toilet paper? did they eat that too?