little known fact

From the random facts file:

I love fantasy football. I'm not a big fan of any sport (save Lufkin Panther football...so much more than a mere sport). I love a good contest.
To let you on the inside:My Team: Tres Gnobres
My Record: 5-1
My Roster:
M. Hasselbeck (Sea-QB), D. Garrard (Jac-QB), L. Tomlinson (SD-RB), R. Bush (NO-RB), A. Green (Hou-RB), E. Graham (TB-RB), B. Edwards (Cle-WR), R. White (Atl-WR), A. Johnson (Hou-WR), M. Harrison (Ind-WR), D. Northcutt (Jac-WR), O. Daniels (Hou-TE), M. Crosby (GB-PK),K. Brown (Hou-PK), Seattle (Sea-DST)
This is about as indulgent as I get with my time. Anyone else playing fantasty football? Should we float a bloggers league next year?

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