When I thought It couldn't get worse...

I got the chance to preview the new Michael Sweet album, Touched. I will self declare. I loved Stryper in high school. The "yellow and black attack" gave us hair metal for Christ. Stryper couldn't stand the test time. There are still some well written songs out there left over from those days, but sadly most have gone (rightfully) the way of spandex clad glam rockers.

So, Michael Sweet has a new album, available only on his website. Due to be released this coming year. "In addition to several classic Stryper ballads, this album contains Michael's interpretation of many pop standard songs previously recorded by artists such as Joe Croker ("You Are so Beautiful"), Billy Joel ("She's Got a Way"), Harry Nilsson ("Without You"), Roberta Flack ("The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face"), Bette Midler ("The Rose") and Chicago ("Color My World"). It also features the brand new Michael Sweet song "My Love, My Life, My Flame"

Track Listing:
1. You Are So Beautiful
2. Together As One
3. She's Got A Way
4. All Of Me
5. Without you
6. First Love
7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
8. Honestly
9. The Rose
10. My Love, My Life, My Flame
11. Color My World

So grab a lighter and sway with the inspiration dripping from this album. Billy Idol's "Happy Holidays" is no longer my favorite album gone wrong.

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