ipod goodness...

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I need a case for my ipod. Why? I'm rough on some electronics. I have a teenage daughter that is harder on even them. Displeased with the expensive and cheap cases avaiable in Lufkin and Nac, I found ifrogz online.


Great product! Easy to customize your ipod. Currently 30% off skins. Use coupon code fastcoupons for 15% off your order. I ordered one last night and got a pink aluminun case for Karen's for $10 (normally $25). Doesn't your ipod deserve it?
This is my first ipod accessory (probably my last).

Do you accessorize?
What's the best ipod accessory?


  1. Angela // 2/26/08, 12:33 PM  

    I'm not crazy about the ipod, but I KNOW I'd like mine more if it had a pink case!

    I'm rough on electronics too.

  2. david runnels // 2/26/08, 2:08 PM  

    i've grown to love my ipod. however if i weren't doiong youth ministry would probably never touch mine.