Why you should know Aaron Keyes:

Last week I took a group of youth on Spring Break. "Hangout Holiday" was a chance to get the group out of their hyper-programmed lives and put them in a place they could learn to and practice to "be still". We invited Aaron Keyes to come along with us to lead blended sessions of praise/worship/teaching. Nobody does this better than Aaron. Aaron was abundantly cool about coming and doing something out of the norm. How many artists/musicians do you know that would be willing to invest time in a handful of kids from East Texas outside of a "performance"? That is the beauty of what Aaron did for my youth, he led sessions with storytelling, tremendous biblical recall, relevant music and connecting with everyone in the room.
I like to demystify people and worldly things for my youth, putting the mystery where it belongs. There is a mystery to God's grace. I love that we are renewed as we encounter God's grace in so many different ways.

I thought I'd share a few things from the trip (I'm counting on Aaron being a good sport...Aaron it would be way cool if you'd comment and let me know you still want to be my bff).

You already know about the amazing teaching:

Aaron endured the struggle of leading from a comfy couch:

He spent time hanging out:

Some other things Aaron taught us...

Proper disc golf form and etiquette:

The subtleties of hide and seek:

How to pose like a rock star:

One of the great things about blogs is knowing what others recommend. Aaron recommendations (as proven by the receipts), Jake's Uptown burgers in Dallas and Starbucks muffins.

Aaron was integral in helping to move this core group of kids to a new understanding of what it means to truly give our praise and worship to God. Thanks Aaron!

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aaron said...

haha! wow. i didn't realize the scope of my influence was so vast! i AM quite an expert at 'hide&seek' (as proven by my last match with my little boys; they didn't find me for 2 weeks), but i'm not so sure about the comment on Starbuck's muffins. they're usually dry and pretty awful, if we're honest. and one last revision--while Jake's burgers are pretty stinking good, they don't even hold a CANDLE to Twisted Root. That's the real treasure.
Much love you guys! had a blast being with you!