Wakey Wakey

Wednesday morning we have Wakey Wakey. Wakey Wakey is a our morning prayer breakfast (actually breakfast with prayer is better suited). It's a great way to get to see kids during the week. A fantastic entry level event for friends, guests and newcomers. And we meet at Chick-Fil-A!

Side note Julie Wlaker and Staff at Chick-Fil-A on the loop are AMAZING! What could be better than Christian chicken! You need to stop in and support these folks. Yes, there is another Chick-Fil-A in town. No, I'm not against them. Yes, I have youth that work at both locations. But, the loop location puts up with me and 60 youth every Wednesday morning!

One of the things I love about Wakey Wakey is the opportunity to expose my Middle School Students to new music. I shuttle kids to school after breakfast in the Bread Box (our mini-bus).

I thought I might start sharing the Wakey Wakey playlist with you. Traditionally, it is new music by Christian artists.

1) Rock Star featuring Flame - J.R. from the album Life by Stereo
Who doesn't love a song that will make the Bread Box thump?

2) Hush - Inhabited fron the album Love
Sure the song sounds like a blend of Gwen Stephani and Paramore. What's wrong with that?

3) Inside Out - Cadia from their self titled album
Big hit and title song from the Revolve tour. Girl Power!

4) Myspace Girl - The Afters from the album Never Going Back to Okay

I'm a sucker for any song with a "whooohoo" hook.

What catchy or rockin' new tunes do you recommend?


adrienne. said...

I really wanted to have some cool new grooves to offer you here, David.

But I am currently in the biggest music funk of my life. I've been driving in silence for almost a month now. Sigh...

david runnels said...

do i neeed to make this a mission? i know the power of a funk...

adrienne. said...

You might need to. It's becoming a serious issue at this point, because I have a 15 hour drive to make in a couple months.