Sterlite Water Flosser

I have not used a water flosser in years. My dental hygienist recommended that I looked into using one. The reservoir holds a good amount of water in the tank. It has 10 different speeds and 6 different interchangeable heads. The pressure of the water really gets pretty high! You will have to "train" especially if you have sensitive gums or you are not used to flossing, I would definitely need to work your way up to using the higher pressure settings. I had braces when I was a teen and the water flosser worked great with braces. Be careful with the tongue scraper attachment. I have brushed my tongue with my toothbrush. I wasn't expecting the pressure on my tongue. Again you will have to "train". I also own a Sterline sonic electric tooth brush. It gave me confidence that this would be a great product too.

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