National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) - Thursday

I'm at NYWC in Atlanta, GA. I'm surrounded by ultra-hip-trendy youth workers. I gotta do something. I'll never have good hair. I have no fashion sense. So, I blog.
The convention is just getting off the ground. The welcome reception is at 7pm tonight.
Here's what's happened to me so far:
-Got a great parking spot in the parking garage, right by the door! It was then a 750 yard walk involving one flight of stairs and four escalators.
-Checked in. Got a uber-cool bag. You should take a look.
-Bought a ton of books. Got 30% off! Had to walk back to the car to put them in the trunk. 1500 yards, two flights of stairs, 8 escalators.
-Looked at the tables in the exhibit hall. Talked to a guy who has a way cool mission in Costa Rica. Karen says she's going to go the other direction to check things out. I say out loud, "I'm going to steal $1000 worth of stuff from Doug Fields' booth." Soon after, I was escorted off the exhibit hall floor. The security guard followed me no more than one foot behind me the entire way off the floor. She said I had to leave because the exhibit hall wouldn't open until 7pm. I know the truth.
-Bought 2 salads and a coke for dinner. The convention center brand is "unCONVENTIONally good". Spent $20.48 for the meal (unCONVENTIONally expensive).
-Looking forward to the worship together event later lead by Matt Maher and Steve Fee.

What I've learned today: Don't joke about Doug Fields. Pack lunch tomorrow.

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adrienne said...

Doug Fields. He's kind of a big deal.

and what happened to the fauxhawk?