NYWC Friday

I heard 6 different speakers today. By lunch it was obvious, I never want to use or hear the phrase "this is so cool" ever again!

Highlights for the day:

10:30 am scored 4 t-shirts, 12 pens and tons of other free stuff from exhibitors
12:30 pm enjoyed a picnic lunch
1 pm Worship with Desperation Band and Andy Stanley. Andy's message focused on using our power for the benefit of others and how we use our power decides the character of your leadership and legacy.
4 pm session on leadership with Dave Ambrose
5:45 pm Bison Meatloaf at a local restraunt
7 pm Third Day, Desperation Band, Shane Claiborne

Desperation Band's "I am Free" is the U2iest worship song I've heard. It sounded as if the Edge were in the room and the emotive "oh o o's" solidified the comparison.
Shane Claiborne was pretty great. My description won't do justice. Too long to blog...Too cool to ignore. Ask me to tell you in person.

What I learned today:
Bison is tasty. Shane Claiborne is stinkin' cool. Personal and student leadership is something God is asking me to examine more deeply.


adrienne said...

can I just say... I think the word 'U2iest' should be added to the dictionary.

and I can't believe you ate bison. I can't look at you the same way ever again.

david runnels said...

karen had bison pot roast. licked her plate clean.

waldo said...

wait...shane claiborne was there?...that is really cool. ;)