Weren't there just four TMNT? One would think if you loved the ninja turtles enough to dress up like them you should know that there are four of them. And even with five costumed gals they managed to leave out Donatello. Poor Donatello, it just doesn't pay to resolve your conflicts using you intellect. Just goes to show genius is often forgotten.


adrienne said...

as a moderate to hardcore TMNT fan, this picture disheartens me.

I wonder what in the world you were doing when you ran across this, but I've learned to stop asking.

Todd Wright said...

Jonah too was upset by how "wrong" this picture was...

I am quite intersted as to how you found this picture.

david runnels said...

i googled "funny pictures"
funnyjunk.com was the first site listed
this was the first pic that appeared