NYWC Saturday

Today was all about choices. I gotta say I'm pleased with the ones I made.

9 am: sleep in or make the Phyllis Tickle general session - slept in
10 am: sleep in or hear Shane & Shane - got up to see Shane & Shane
Noon: Lunch or workshop on creating promotional cds and websites - went to workshop (should have gone to lunch. turned out to be a snapshot commercial)
1 pm: Beg for T-shirts from exhibitors or talk to those exhibitors which I am truly interested - thoughtly spoke to vendors (ony got 1 t-shirt. will try begging tomorrow)
2 pm: watch Athletic National Cheer & Dance Championship or Workshop on Sermon graphics in 9 1/2 minutes - workshop (learned some wicked photoshop shortcuts)
4:30 pm: early diner or gathering of UM youth workers - gathering
5:30 pm: Ted's Montana Grill or Landmark Diner - Landmark Diner (yummy pork chops, mash taters, mixed veggies and a choclate shake)
7:30 pm: See the Police Reunion Concert or Family Force 5, Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin - FF5, Louie and Tomlin

Tonight, I adopted 3 children through Compassion International. The children are in Mexico, Burkina Faso and Rwanda. My plan is to use our MYF dinners to highlight and support these children.
Family Force 5 was amazing! I had my picture taken with Fatty for Todd. I took the extra Battleship Texas patches I had left from Insomniac weekend. I had five left so I gave them to FF5. Here's how that went:

David: Hey, thanks for everything ya'll do. I brought these for you.
Fatty: You want this signed?
David: Nope, it's for you, from Texas.
Fatty: Cool, that's great. Look at this.
Crouton: What? Thats cool.
Nadaddy: Thanks.
David: Here you go.
Chap Stique: Thanks, thats so cool!
Soul Glow: Cool dude, he's a sailor.

What I learned today: Cheerleading competetions can be a scary thing to outsiders. Chris Tomlin is still an amazing worship leader. Pork chops and a chocolate shake not a great combination. Family Force 5 are even better live than I expected.

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adrienne said...

so.. did you always plan on making the choice to give the patches to FF5, or was is just a happy coincidence that you had them on you?

I have to say, I am living vicariously through these blogs. I miss conferences. although every time I got back from one, the church I worked at made me write an essay saying what I learned and why it was a good use of their money to send me. I don't miss that.